After spending 11 months in Auschwitz Birkenau
 in 1945, my Hungarian Jewish father was liberated. 
He then faced his next enormous challenge. 
Getting home to Cluj, Romania.

​He was only 16 years old and his family was gone. For the next three months, the hungry and destitute Eduard and his little brother Michael wandered from town to town with only his survival instincts intact and the tattoo on his left arm.

Eduard was a very quiet and humble man. He never spoke about his Holocaust experiences so his video testimony recorded by the USC Shoah Foundation was all I had to learn about his incredible story and journey.ext here...

It took me 10 years to build up the courage to watch my father’s interview with the USC Shoah Foundation. His journey home was so inspiring, I set about writing a musical documentary in his honour and am about to share it with the world.

The Journey Home will include myself on piano, keyboards, guitar along with A-list musicians from all over the world.

Portions of my father’s USC Shoah Foundation interview will appear on large screen as the story of his remarkable journey home is told through original music and lyrics.

My father was and continues to be an inspiration.

The story of my father’s journey home is one of courage, hope and survival.

​It needs to be shared!

A musical documentary (in the form of a visual album) honouring my late father Eduard Berkovits, a Holocaust Survivor and his relentless determination to get home after he was liberated.

Upon being liberated in 1945 my late father, Eduard, found this violin inside one of the Nazi-occupied 10 x 10 barracks.

​Without hesitation, he opened the case and ran his fingers along this violin. For a moment, my father allowed himself to remember the past.
He recalled his father’s love for the violin and its hauntingly beautiful music. The two shared that passion. As a child, my father had fantasized about becoming a world-class violinist and conductor. My father exited the barracks clutching the instrument. He knew the violin would be his good luck charm along his entire journey home.



In April of 2021, I was honoured to be asked by the UJA to take part of Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day). This video was broadcast as part of the 90 min program across Canada with an introduction from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

I'm grateful for my good friend and master violinist Gabriele Schiavi (from Italy) who took part in this video.

This video now serves as the official project trailer.

persons hand on piano keys

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